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    National CertificateLearnership ProgrammeSkills Programme N1 - N3N4 - N6

    hereby declare that I have been explained the details of the course that I have chosen to enroll for TIM BROWN and that
    I fully understand the SAQA ID and NQF level of this course.

    Declaration of oath for having submitted accurate information regarding previous academic achievements.
    I declare that to the best of my knowledge, the information I have provided is correct and I understand that any incorrect or misleading information will invalidate my application for registration or admission. I also undertake that, if admitted, I will abide by and fully conform to the rules and regulations as laid down by the council of TIM BROWN.

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    hereby declare that the information given above is correct to the best of my knowledge. I hold myself / company responsible for the full payment of all the learner’s fees due. I also confirm that I have read and understood the enrolment terms and conditions in this contract and therefore agree to be bound by them.


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    hereby declare that the information given above is correct to the best of my knowledge. I hold myself responsible for the full payment of all the fees due. I also confirm that I have read and understood the enrolment terms and conditions in this contract and therefore agree to be bound by them

    1. All registration fees, first installments and fees due are required up-front and non-refundable.
    2. The student’s failure to attend classes for whatever reason shall in no way entitle him or her to a reduction on fees, nor will it exclude him or her or other signatories to this document from full liability for the payment of fees and other charges.
    3. Students who withdraw from TIM BROWN must comprehend that withdrawal from a course from the institution does not exonerate them from their financial obligations to the institution. Students must initate the process in their respective academic department and follow the necessary procedures.
    4. The right to attend classes and write exams is not transferable.
    5. TIM BROWN will have the right to alter all time-tables, course commencement and completion dates, where and whenever necessary as well as holiday and vacation durations.
    6. TIM BROWN reserves the right to create and apply rules, including due performance; the student hereby agrees to be bound by all such rules.
    7. TIM BROWN reserves the right to exclude the student from classes and examinations as it may deemed necessary without in any way detracting from the right of recovering the fees payable by the student to TIM BROWN ; and to withhold a student’s examination results or to dismiss him or her failing to pay all or part of required fees or failing to comply with any institutional rules or terms of this contract.
    8. The student and other signatories hereby agree to pay all tuition and other fees whenever they fall due to TIM BROWN without any further notice being issued. Should TIM BROWN institute legal action against a fees defaulter, the liability of all the costs involved will fall on the Signatories to this contract other than TIM BROWN , jointly as well as severally.
    9. Where tuition fees I s p ayable to TIM BROWN in installments, failure to pay any single installment in time will result in the full balance becoming immediately due and payable without further notice.
    10. Tuition fees payable to TIM BROWN do not include College membership fees, examination fees, stationary or other items. Where fees for external exams and study materials are not known in advance, the student hereby agrees to accept the quotations or changes thereof whenever made in the course of the study programme. Furthermore, it shall be the responsibility of the student to bear the cost of transport for study trips, stationary and any other specialised consumables used during the course.
    11. External assessments and or exams are compulsory in all our programmes. The student is responsible for ensuring that he/she has been properly registered with the relevant external institute or examining body where applicable, in time, and that he/she has been registered for the correct or relevant examination with such an institute or exam body.
    12. The student’s failure to register or write examination for whatever the reason shall in no way entitle him / her to any sort of reduction in tuition fees, nor will it absolve him / her from full liability for the payment of tuition fees due.
    13. No relaxation, variation or indulgence granted by TIM BROWN to other signatories hereto in respect of this agreement shall constitute waiver of any rights vested in TIM BROWN in terms hereof.
    14. TIM BROWN shall be deemed to include any branch of its Company or any other juristic person to whom the rights and obligations of TIM BROWN, as contained herein may be caded / assigned.
    15. In addition to these terms of registration, the signatories further agree to abide by TIM BROWN enrollment terms and conditions and the Student’s Code of conduct as well as the Student’s residence rules and regulations which are in line with the Constitution.
    16. Students not satisfied with the institution’s grievance procedures or training programmes should forward their concerns to either QCTO telephonically (012) 003 1800 or the Department of Higher Education and training at 012 312 5027.
    17. Fraud cases including altering information on deposit slips, exchanging fees cards are criminal cases and will be reported to the Police and may lead to suspension / discontinuation of a learner from the study programme.
    18. The student will not receive any refund of tuition and fees paid in advance if TIM BROWN discontinues a course / programme within a period of time a student could have reasonably completed it, except that this provision shall not apply in the event the college ceases operation.
    19. Note that with all refunds, students are obliged to provide TIM BROWN within 20 business days’ notice in writing or other recorded means, of cancellation of fixed term agreement. Reasonable penalties may apply.

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